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What to Expect


The Design

I'll typically start designing my projects the day before or day of the appointment. Rarely do I have drawings ready prior to appointments. This can be scary for some people and that's okay. This is why the consultation is so important. As long as I know the direction you're wanting me to go and you give me the artistic freedom to do my thing, I'll do my best to come up with a badass tattoo that you'll be proud to wear.

Expect the design to look different than what you had in your head. (It almost always does)

Day of your Appointment


*Make sure you eat an hour or two beforehand. Also, bring some snacks and drinks with you. Gatorade and soda are solid choices to replenish the sugars your body will burn through.

*Feel free to bring some earphones, phone/tablet to listen to your music, play games, or watch shows. Distractions are our friends, lol! (don't forget charging cables)

*Don't come with an entourage. Usually one extra person is fine if you'd like some support.

*If you have body hair on the area to be tattooed, you may run a beard trimmer over the area to help make it easier when I shave with a razor.

*Plan accordingly with your clothes or what you will change into. There is always a chance that ink could get on and stain the fabric so don't wear your favorite outfit. Make sure clothes provide open and easy access to the area being tattooed. If you have any questions regarding what you should wear for your appointment, please ask.

*Cash is the preferred method of payment. I can take card, but a 3% fee is added to your price.

*Lastly, tips are ALWAYS appreciated!

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